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                    Selected team of Laian county new seedling program

                    TIME:22/06/20 - AUTHOR:admin - SOURCE:us

                    On the morning of September 25, the "Xingyao Laian · the first talent science and Technology Festival" hosted by the county Party committee and the county peoples government was grandly opened. Jixing, member of the Standing Committee of Chuzhou municipal Party committee and head of Organization Department, anzhiqiang, deputy director of the talent Coordination Office of the science center of the Organization Department of Anhui provincial Party committee, chenguangbing, deputy director of the management office for introducing foreign intelligence and scientific and technological talents of Anhui Provincial Department of Science and technology, jiangxiuqing, a second-class researcher of the talent development and foreign Cooperation Office of Jiangsu Provincial Department of human resources and social security, and wangyanyong, director of the Municipal Bureau of science and technology; Xie Wei,       distinguished professor of the "Yangtze River scholars Award Program" of the Ministry of education of Southeast University and winner of the national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, pan tsunami, executive director of the world Transportation Research Association, planning consulting expert of Shanghai municipal government and professor of the school of architecture and urban planning of Tongji University; County leaders yangwenping, shuhongjun, Zhang Jun, zhangyabin, wangmingyang, Yu Aijun, Wang Yan, Shenhong, xiayongsheng and dongwenzeng attended the opening ceremony.
                       During the awarding of the "new seedling plan" at the opening ceremony, a total of 6 selected teams of the "new seedling plan" in the county accepted the awarding. Among them, the "air traffic control radar rotary joint localization R & D team" of Chuzhou Jingwei Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and the "ultra-high power weight ratio electro-hydraulic pump R & D team" of Chuzhou lantu Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a fission enterprise, were successfully selected.

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